Dear Colleagues and Guests

Welcome to the official website of the International Academic Conference on Social Sciences (IACSS 2015) will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on 25-26 July 2015. IACSS 2015 is an annual International Academic Conference, which covers main fields of social sciences. The mission of IACSS 2015 is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians as well as other professionals from all over the world to present their research results in Social Science. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and experiences, to establish business or research relations and to find partners for future collaboration. The goal of our conference is also to support, encourage and provide a platform for young researchers to present their research, to network within the international community of other young researchers and to seek the insight and advice of successful senior researchers during the conference. 
Conference Themes
Covers topics related to: History and Theory in Anthropology, Ethnography as Cultural Translation, Anthropology and the Study of Power, Post-modern anthropology and meta-ethnography...Full info
Economics & Finance
Covers topics related to: General Economics, Business Cycles theories, Game theory, Money and banking, Labor Market Studies, Regulatory economics,  Technology and Knowledge Innovations, Global Financial Crises, Economic Methodology, Production and Organizations, Market Structure ...Full info
Covers topics related to: Early Childhood Education,  Special Education,  Science Education, Elementary Education, Geographical Education, Health Education, Secondary Education...Full info
Covers topics related to: History of Psychology, Research methods in Psychology, The profession of Psychology, Major approaches in Psychology, Psychology  for society, Social and Cultural Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Child Development...Full info
Covers topics related to: History of Political Thought, Historiography in the Modern West, Historical Traditions in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds, Diplomatic History, Ottoman History...Full info

Covers topics related to: Public and Private law, Commercial law, Tort law, Property law, Administrative law, Tax law, Environmental law, Human rights law, Legal systems and their Institutions, European law, The institutions of international justice, Judicial System,  Government Structure, Legislature, Legal Methodology...Full info
Covers topics related to: Recent Innovations in Management, Training and Development, Technology Management, Business Environment, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Accounting and Finance, Management Accounting...Full info
Political Science
Covers topics related to: International Relations, Nationalism and identity policies, Political Participation, NGO’s and civic culture, Political Theory, Comparative Politics and Comparative Government, Political Systems, International Politics, Politics of European Integration, Modernization in Turkey and Iran, American Politics...Full info
Covers topics related to: Tourism Products & Attraction, Forms of Tourism: religious, historical, social, adventure, health, business, conferences, conventions, incentives, sports and adventure, Tourist Transportation, A study of International Tourism Organisations, Travel formalities, Approval of Travel Agents and Tour Operators...Full info
Conference Venue
Elite World Hotel Istanbul
Elite World Istanbul Hotel is designed as to host business meetings and social organizations, For these purposes 9 different meeting rooms with a total capacity of 1200 people and one of which is allowing day light exist within the hotel.